IT consulting services include:

Project estimates

Lack of budget, incurred costs, payment for spaces, implementation of planning deviations, unexpected capital … these are the worries as well as the situation that has been encountered in some projects. The service “Project cost estimate” of Anh Le Gia company will help you solve those problems.

The estimation of upcoming work-related figures, it is necessary to provide predictive numbers in order to have a preparation plan through the overall calculation of items. Basis of calculation is based on previous standards and actual data, serving as a basis for making the most reasonable estimates. We, Anh Le Gia Company, will make the estimation, which will usually be made into specific worksheets, in which the quantity, value, time to complete the items … will be improved.


With a team of experienced consultants, professional qualifications of many majors, licensed to practice bidding consultancy, we can help you conduct bidding for many projects with Various forms of bidding comply with state regulations.